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Age ain’t nothin but a number

Hi, my name is Alisha and my number is 37.

Its that sweet spot of when you're not quite in your 30s anymore, but you're not quite in your 40s either. You're in that weird in-between stage of adulthood where you're not sure if you should be embracing the looming 40 year old OR if you should be hanging on right to 35 as long as possible. Here are some things I thought you can relate to if you're (approx) 37:

The joy of finding a gray hair. When that shiny silver strand can either be considered a gateway into the land of the distinguished and wise. OR the untimely demise of your youth.

The acceptance of not being able to party like you used to. When the evening plan involves potentially being somewhere beyond 10pm, gives you anxiety.

The relief of finally figuring out your personal style. You've tried every fashion trend over the years and now finally you understand how your body shape correlated with your daily activities can easily produce a style result that makes you happy.

Its a simple cross tabulation exercise people.

The annoyance of younger people thinking you're old. Its really that constant need to prove yourself to people in their 20’s that you too, where in fact, THAT cool. It becomes exceptionally hard to swallow when your youthful audience references to something from the 90’s, being ancient. When you still feel like, the 90’s was 10 years ago.

So, all I can say is - embrace the gray hairs, enjoy the stability of your career, and don't worry too much about what the younger generation thinks. You're doing great AND most importantly, you’re still cool.

Remember, age ain’t nothin but a number


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