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Caffeine vs Decaf : The epic battle between whats right and whats needed.

Ladies and gentlemen, caffeine connoisseurs, and decaf devotees, welcome to the showdown of the century. It's caffeine vs. decaf, the battle of the brews.

Personallly, I am a major instant-coffee person. Yes yes, judge away. But growing up, instant was the only way. We didn’t have access to fancy coffee shops or loyalty apps that served our very cores need to survive the day-to-day. In actual fact, coffee was 1tsp Nescafé, 2 sugars (I was young and carefree) and milk. It was a simpler time. A time where there was no conversations about whether you were gluten or lactose intollerant, because guess what? We survived to tell the tale.

So, of course, I really enjoy a cappa or a hazelnut latte, or an iced coffee. My day to day hot beverage drink consumption is not at a quota of 1-2 cups. Truth is, I can push to 4-5 cups a day. Usually this sort of consumption is best handled at an instant brew level.

Getting back to the conversation point for today : decaf vs Yes-caf.

In the red corner, we have caffeine, the ultimate wake-up call! One sip, and you're zapped into a state of hyper-productivity, where your to-do list trembles in fear.

In the blue corner, decaf saunters in like a sleepy sloth, barely stirring your soul. BUT it does the trick on the taste front and ticks the comfort box without the added tingle effect.

When the midday slump strikes, caffeine swoops in like a superhero, saving you from the clutches of yawns and boredom. Decaf, well, let's just say it's about as useful as a broken umbrella in a hurricane. It gently whispers, "Would you like a nap instead?"

What is usually my 4/5th cuppa of the day, caffeine at night, can quite ironically be your worst nightmare. Turning your bedroom into a circus of infuriating sleeplessness. No amount of sheep counting, lullaby playing or murder mystery watching can cure this case.

This is a major thumbs up time for Decaf though. It’s our silent saviour. It lets us drift into a slumber like a cozy bedtime story.

However, the reality is, that ordering a decaf at a coffee shop can feel like a secret shame, as if you're whispering, "I hate coffee, but I wanna make people think I like it, so give me some milk please". Meanwhile, the barista is off crafting fancy latte art for the caffeine junkies. And the entire world is evil-eyeing you for even wasting your money on a coffee without the need for caffeine.

You know who you are.

So there you go ladies & gents - the caffeine vs. decaf battle is a timeless tussle between the buzz-worthy brilliance and the caffeine-free calm. Whatever your preference, remember that both sides have their moments of glory and grace. So, take a moment to celebrate your brew of choice and revel in the coffee comedy that is life!


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