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This may be the start of something new.

(If you get the quirkiness in that first line in relation to the below GIF, then i think we can be friends)

So as i contemplated (in all of 5min) to start a blog, i naturally started considering blog names first and foremost. The following came to mind:

Alisha needs a break

moms who need a break

women who need a break

alisha off duty

As you can see there is a common thread in my initial thoughts. Again, if this statement and the above resonates with you, then i think we can be friends.

A few fun facts that’s not already highlighted in the ‘about me’:

  • I am a virgo

  • I suck at grammar- so excuse my errors (waaaay in advance) and I will often use I with a lower case, but that’s mostly because i like it better and this is my space to do as i want.

  • I didn’t know I enjoyed writing as much, until I started my Ad agency.

  • I have lost and learned

  • I have tried and failed

  • I am very hard on myself

  • I own a brand called SMOOCH (

  • I’m a dual citizen of two amazing countries: South Africa & New Zealand (Yes yes, rugby in my family was always a catch 22 situation)

  • I hardly ever remember to celebrate my ‘successes’

  • I’ve won some stuff and done some stuff I’m really proud of.

  • I am blessed with the most incredible family

  • I enjoy a glass of sweetish white wine and i aspire to one day be wine-educated enough to be able to ask for more than a sweet white or a dry red at restaurants .

So whilst I’m not entirely sure how long I plan on blogging. I do know that its going to be purely for fun and sharing information. Its for moms who dont have the time to read. Its for women who do it all. Its for women who need a break and indulge in a couple mins of me-time.

I hope to share stories that pull back the veneers of certain preconceived notions on being who we are and doing what we do. I hope to give you a reason to smile. I hope to help you realise that shit happens to everyone. I hope to prove that its ok, not to be ok.




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