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I did it.

I wrote a book.

I knew that in life, one of my Bucket List items was to ‘write a book’. However my thought around how that would work, is simply that I would (one day) write a manuscript. Maybe have 10-20 copies printed for the sake of handing out to a few (less judgemental) friends and family... and then ta-da. job done. that was fun.

For a generally ambitious person, the thought that I could actually publish my book was a faaar fetch. It hadn’t even entered my mind as a mild challenge. Because, things like that don’t just happen to ordinary people.

So why add more unnecessary pressure to my silly desires.

“If its fun, just do it“ was my mantra through this journey.

I started writing Picture Perf*cked in October 2021. However before any words hit any ‘paper’, as a creative, my first bright idea was my book title.

”Picture Perfucked”, i thought. No hesitation.

Sitting at Umngazi resort and spa around the pool, I had a moment where I embraced the idea of writing something around this relevant topic. Surely I can’t be the only one who puts so much pressure on appearing perfect. Surely I’m not creating my goals based on what I‘ve been taught, should be my dream life.

Taught, yes taught, from a young age to achieve, and over achieve, and deliver excellence at a bare minimum. Then over and above to have the magic of what the media infiltrate into our existence as pure idealism.

I mean, its a flop-proof recipe for creating certain perfectionism infused life goals.

I sketched out my cover and briefed my designer within the hour.

Again, with no actual words put to ‘paper’.

Then, as I became fixated on my topic of choice, I played around with potential angles and characters. Whilst I started out writing on the basis of 4 friends and their individual characters ,in order to tell my stories. (This is where my creative mind struggled to jump between characters as a first time writer)

I quickly realised that the only way I could do this well, is if I write from my heart and with my own perspectives.

I found myself writing 60% of my book on my phone. The notes app was my favourite app for a couple months as I developed the basis of each chapter and storyline wherever and whenever I had a thought.

By February I had reached my goal of 100 pages.


Just to get it proof read, maybe some edits here and there, touch-ups, formatting and boom.

My book was done.

I asked two of my book loving friends to have a read to give me their opinions on whether this was a total joke or possibly mildly entertaining.

They both responded with positive and encouraging feedback, which then inspired me to self-publish onto amazon kindle. Which having never done that before either, managed to create a profile, follow the steps and two-toots later I was uploaded.

My first sale! Whooo hoo, my friend from Singapore. Always one of my biggest supporters.

So fabulous. I’ve become a self-published, selling (1 sale) author.

THEN, without any further expectations at this point. The most miraculous thing happened.

A publishing house from the UK got in touch and sent me the most complimentary letter.

First thought? Scam. Surely.

But alas, here we are 15 months later, a few major learnings, another 50 odd pages and a few bought un-celebrated, un-opened bottles of bubbles.

I’m an official published Author.

Now, finally I can crack open that bottle of bubbles and celebrate this success. Proudly.

Well done, me.

Buy my book on:


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