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Insert unsolicited comment here.

Here I am, after another busy day. Just about ready to wind down. At that glorious moment where you begin to ‘see the light’ into a peaceful evening, hopefully with some much deserved ‘me time’.

Then classic Murphy will have it so, that a stupid whatsapp message appears on your screen. A message that is from someone who has a tendency to contribute guessed it..... unsolicited.

The thing that gets me about these sort of people, is that most of the time the commentary is often an insult camouflaged as a general statement.

Now for those who suffer with anxiety, will understand how these sort of comments can get under your skin and totally take over your thoughts for the foreseeable evening ahead.

Mother F*er.

All of a sudden, the pleasant evening you had planned is now overruled with self-judgment, irritation and most likely - the feeling of wanting to spew out all sorts of lude commentary at said individual who has now f*d up your evening. Commentary that you would never actually have the guts to say out loud (in the direction its intended).

So you end up still spewing.. into your mind.. your mumbling... and occasionally into your partners ear.

So, how do you pull yourself out of this whirlwind of emotions? Here are a couple tips I found that helps (in the absence of medication):

  1. Vent : its important to say it out loud. What is the frustration and why.

  2. Wine : its probably necessary and trumps the potential tea you had planned for your evening ritual.

  3. Write : Head into your notes app and spew your thoughts into a blank note. It helps to pretend you are texting the instigator.

  4. Friends : Coz there’s nothing quite like watching another episode of FRIENDS for the umteenth time. It still cracks me up.

By this point I spew the following words:

”Lets take your stupid message and put it in a box then put that box into a septic tank”. (Figuratively of course)

It helps.

Good luck.


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