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Is sharing too much, too much?

In todays world, where a tap here and a tap there tells your entire network where you are, what you have done and who you are with. It's a far cry from where we were 15 years ago.

Now that it has become insanely easy to share. Which in kindergarten is a good thing. But is it a good thing as adults?

There are a couple thoughts that come to mind, and I wonder if I should consider them to draw a line.

Or should I simply .... not care.

  1. Nazar - As a belief that traces back to 3000BC and carries across many religions, Nazar is known to be an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. Basically its way to protect you from any bad vibes coming your way. Which is usually a look of jealousy, envy or malice.

  2. Safety - Secondly, exposing too much personal details does make you more vulnerable to threats/danger. Simply by becoming suscepitble to identity theft, fraud and even scarier - tracking down and who knows what else could happen.

Then the question of authenticity comes to mind. What does it mean to be truly authentic - is being too realistic, really that bad?

I guess its one thing to share things you are proud of, whether its your relationships, experiences or haves. However its another story when you start to overshare to the point that your own privacy is jeopardised.

I find myself occasionally questioning my social accounts and general sharing. I wonder if it would be better to stay in my box and keep my thoughts to my self.

Then on the other hand, surely some of what I have to say could help another person. Either to remind them that it's ok not to be ok. Or to inspire them in anyway to follow their passions. Or if nothing else, just to give them something to smile about.

Perhaps I should just look at it as a cathartic, spiritual experience and some sort of therapy to write down my thoughts and share my experiences. So if by chance you do come across my blog and I am successful in making you smile then I would have done my job.. So only comment if you have something nice to say, you can say whatever you want behind my back though.

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edwin garcia
edwin garcia
26 jun 2023

Great prospective and just like you said, we got those three options and take care of urself while juggling:)

Me gusta
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