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“It goes where?” - Aeriel Yoga edition

Learning new moves : fun, challenging & intriguing.

Well, truth be told.. what always looks fun, may not actually be fun.

A few days ago, I watched as my 4 year old loved every bit of her kids Ariel yoga class. I was amazed at how much fun she was having. The teacher was incredible and they just had an absolute ball!

So why would I not consider giving it a go? Especially since they offer beginner adult classes. Great!

So I immediately sign up and think I’ve done something great and may have actually found my new passion. Along with these initial thoughts of excitement I find myself wondering when and where I could go yoga shopping. The cute sets, the mat, the bag - and oh the colours!

GOSH, how exciting!

Whilst I did definitely think about my flexibility and or lack there of. At no point did I ever consider my generally ridiculous flaw with consistent motion sickness. I mean its sometimes at a point where driving myself around makes me a bit nauseous.

So there I am, excited, amped and beaming about my future love with Ariel yoga.

Within the first 2min, I realised this may not have been the best idea.

I was so fixated with the motion I was feeling without having any control over it - started to become a little nauseating.

I mean, imagine this feeling playing on my mind whilst hanging upside down and concurrently with the following thoughts:

My foot goes where?

My knee does what?

You want my belly where?

How do I get my arm to do that?

You want me to grab what?

And point my toes? Or is it flex?

Dear me, what have I done!

(Deeeep breath in..)

Of course, I’m one of the 3 people my teacher referenced (that in her entire career) suffer from severe vertigo.

(And Out....)

I wont be doing this again.

Ariel yoga, is definitely unique and for most, I would assume a fun form of exercise. But before you consider it, consider your motion sickness (if applicable).

Tomorrow I’m heading back to do ground yoga in the form Ishta yoga.



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