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Momma Drama.

We‘ve probably all had to deal with some Moms who aren’t quite your cuppa tea. Moms who you wouldn’t ordinarily be friends with. But you will be friendly with because you are human and that’s just part of life.


Well, that’s what I thought till about 145 minutes ago.

Long story short. I’ve had my ears blown off by a mother for considering to have my daughters birthday party on the same date as her daughters birthday party.

Let me lay out the facts here, before you go off thinking ‘yes well that’s not ok’.

Yes, its not reeeally ok.

But firstly, it was absolutely unintentional and secondly, being human comes first.

Fact is, that amongst having 6 whatsapp groups constantly active, for my two daughters purely relating to in-school activities and party invitations - its definitely easy to miss a message or two.

It happens all the time.

Trust me, I would know.

As class mom, I’m constantly asked to re-send things privately.

Its as if people think that I’ve got an insane amount of free time and that I’m available to do their work for them.

Often, what is being asked of me to do, is exactly what would be expected of them to do in that exact instant. Just go to the whatsapp group, click on media, click on docs or search and literally find the document one could not find.

But no, people would still rather take the extra couple seconds to ask someone else to do it, because....... ‘it’s their job’.

Anways, point is, I missed this party invite for 8 weeks away.

Truth is, I’m still trying to process the last three parties from just this past weekend and still considering the umpteen presents I have to buy for the parties coming up in the next 4 weeks.

Things happen.

Life happens.

Anycase, my daughter is in that phase of absolutely idolising her older sister. She’s at that “I want what she’s having“ space.

So as expected, she is fixated on having the same 5th birthday party like her sister had when she was turning 5.

So having left my planning late (approx 56 days before said party date), I’ve been told that there is only one slot available to book at the venue for the entire month. So I tentatively book said spot.

(Meaning, a pencil booking. Nothing has been signed. No deposit has been paid)

I mention it to one of my Mom friends.

”Hey I’m thinking of having xxx party on xxx at xxx, will you guys be around?”

”Yes sounds great. Oh but just double check your guest list because there’s another party on the same day”

Oh hell, I think. What have I missed.

I click on the whatsapp group, click on media and scroll through the sea of colourful animations looking for any I may have missed.

Oh darn, there it is. It was sent 4 weeks ago.

Shit. How did I miss that.

Quick Alisha - solution mode.

I call said venue to query if they were 100% sure that there were no other available slots. To which I received a monotonous “yes we are sure”.

So here I am, with my ‘I shouldn’t let other peoples choices impact my own’ voice on one shoulder. And my ‘omg how could even think of letting this happen’ voice on my other shoulder.

I think, in my dichotomic situation. Perhaps I should message the mom and just lay out my problem. Just perhaps, she may have one of two reasonable responses:

  1. Oh our party starts at 12, and yours is only starting at 2. Its ok these things happen.

  2. Oh our party invite was sent weeks ago. Do you mind rather finding an alternative date?

Gosh - could I be so lucky to have either of those reactions.

What I got was an ear full. An ear full of judgement, aggression and Im pretty sure a significant layer of superior tonality coming through.

She was rude. I felt horrible.

Now, before I continue with what happened next. I have a few thoughts on the matter of my emotions, now post the brutal telephone call. (Oh yeah, did I mention this all happened on the phone following my message)

  1. Ive had a non-stop kind of day. A multi-tasking mother f’er kind of day. A Oh-I’ll-wait-to-pee-in-a-minute kind of day.

  2. I can appreciate that maybe she also had a bad day.


But surely. Surely in the handbook of etiquette of parent on parent conversations - there are clear guidelines on how to handle basic conversation.

Surely someone would have the ability to manage their approach with someone they dont know very well. Surely the fact that the kids are still in kindergarten at a school that goes right up to high school. AND that we will likely have to face these faces for the next 12 years is considered.

SURELY someone would have more tact.

Evidently, surely is shit.

Moral of the story : fucking toughen up and double check all 50,000 whatsapp messages for birthday invites before you consider having your own.


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