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Not A Girl, Not Yet A Book Critic

When I heard Britney was about to release her tell all book, I knew it would be something I’d probably want to read. Having been raised in the baby one more time era - she was definitely an icon I felt connected to. So when I got my copy - I dove straight into it, ready to relive the magic of my teenage years and see how Britney's journey has evolved through the lens of new-age adulthood.

Lately, I've found myself both captivated and genuinely embarrassed for her due to her peculiar and somewhat shocking Instagram posts. Not only did they seem so far from the Britney I loved. They seemed so unlike the Britney we were taught to know.

The oddity of it all made it apparent that there was sadness lurking beneath the strangeness.

Of course, being aware of the conservatorship situation, I had a basic understanding of the realities of what she had endured.

So before I began reading, I didn't hold any particularly surprising anticipations regarding the general content of what was to unfold.

However. Truth be told. The Woman in me, by Britney Spears, was something I didn’t know, I needed to read.

It’s a brutally honest story of desperation, heartbreak, resiliency and hope.

As a mother, this book tugged at my heartstrings, and as a woman, it stirred my anger.

My opinion :

"The Woman in Me" is not just another celebrity tell-all. It’s a testament to the unstoppable strength and spirit within us all. It reminds us that even when life throws curveballs, we can rise above and create our own …. happily ever after.


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