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Oh I picture Fu*kdup

Now more than ever do I need to be reminded that I am only human and that its part of life to make mistakes.

So send through all your ‘c‘est la vie’ thoughts and vibes as I deal with this incredibly stupid mistake Ive made for one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.

So for those of you who know or care that I’ve recently had my debut novel published, will know that is called ‘Picture Perfuckd’. Its a short read, put together with the intention of reminding us all that :

  1. this is life

  2. its ok not to be ok

So with that in mind and my words in being shoved down my throat. I have only just realised this morning that I had approved the incorrect manuscript for printing.

So with my initial reaction of being completely livid and wanting to burst into tears, I naturally had to shift mindsets and quickly get into solution mode.

I double checked the error and turns out the printed version is approx 80 pages short of the final (meant to be printed) version.

Oh Fuck!

In all honesty, I wish this was as easy as Lionel Richie said it would be on a Sunday morning. Unfortunately there was no follow up lyric to indicate how to deal with major F-Ups.

So part of my solution for the team, marked for urgent attention come Monday morning. (Yes I’m THAT client that most agencies love to have):

Is for immediate action, to halt on all ebook sales. As well as to halt all immediate print sales and international shipments.

This may be deemed as Karma by some. It may also be deemed as a tactical pre launch PR stunt.

Fact is, it was an honest mistake on my part and I’m trying really hard to not let this disappointment impact the excitement of having a book published in the first place.

So from my side, If you end up purchasing an incorrect copy (with approx 100 pages), I will personally swop it out for a correct copy (approx 180 pages) at no cost to you.

Please DM me on instagram if this is the case.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

I am not ok... but thats ok.


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