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OMG I grew my own tomato

The gardening how-to guide from someone who is not at all cut out for gardening.

Regardless of how ridiculous this post sounds (by the first line and title of course), it is just THAT ridiculous indeed. I have all the respect in the world for organic wonders of our land, I have even more respect for the amazing people who make it possible for us to have these wonders.

Truth be told, when you become a home owner, there is something so insanely special about doing things for your own space and your own family. Aside from the fact that your Pinterest board is suddenly full of home decor ideas. Once you have kids, the home decor realm expands into healthy living & food. Algorithm or not, we always get served these incredible images of what growing your own vegetables would look like. Or so you think.

The fact is, there ain’t nothing fancy about gardening. Once you’ve planted (Im sure there must be a more professional term for this) your seed, you have to wait and wait until a little seedling appears until you eventually forget you even planted anything in the first place.

Then suddenly one day, you catch a glimpse of some colour. Something that resembles a Pinterest pic you saw weeks before that inspired this entire journey. Its ... my goodness... a TOMATO!

Bloody hell, I grew my own tomato!

Tiny little thing. But a gorgeous, not accurately shaped, nor sized bit of earthly goodness.

Ok ok, I know what you’re probably thinking. But you’re a mom, and you have made children.

Yes...yes, my friend.. that is true. I grew my own people inside of me.

So whilst I’m not comparing my children to a baby tomatoe. I am claiming it to be right up there on this weeks list of wonderful experiences.

So here are a couple considerations to well consider before you consider gardening:

  1. Pick the right location - Sunny is usually good.

  2. Choosing a plot size - start small!

  3. Choose an easy veg/fruit. Try google “Top 5 easy vegetables to grow at home” (tomatoes are one of them)

  4. Research when to plant what.

  5. Get yourself a few seeds

  6. Get a cute small gardening tool set

  7. Wait weeks until its ready then share your pic on instagram #Igrewmyowntomato


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