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Perfectly Imperfect ME

Raising Kids in a flawlessly flawed world.

I was recently chatting to a cousin of mine who has a 10 year old. We often get together and inevitably compare the quirky and cute similarities and differences between her raising her 10 year old boy and me, with my 9 year old Ava.

Something that became alarmingly notable was that our kids are putting way too much pressure on themselves to be ‘the best’.

Now, whilst this could just be a general characteristic of the ‘first borns’ that these two are. It was a little sad to face the reality that these little babies of ours were experiencing anxiety and in turn, an unnecessary fear of failing.

The fact is that neither of us put any pressure on our kids. In, fact we celebrate the small successes and always tell them to ‘just have fun’. So, it did come as a surprise that they were feeling the way they were feeling.

Being the problem fixer I am, I immediately started thinking about how this could be handled. Here are some initial thoughts I had:

  1. Getting them to watch a movie/YouTube video on the importance of not putting pressure on themselves.

  2. Asking a fellow older cousin to chat to them and try to get them to realise they dont need to put too much pressure on themselves.

  3. Taking all the cousins out for a meal and ask them, collectively and subtly, about how they feel at school. Ultimately hoping to strike up a conversation that will support this notion of being ok, with being ok.

However, as I put this list of thoughts together, the next thing that popped into my mind was to write a kids book translating the notion of my first book to a kid friendly message. Not only was this a super exciting project for me, but I honestly believed that this book, would be such an easy way to transfer such an important message to Kids in the world of today.

In my first book, (targeted at women in their 30’s) Picture Perf*cked, I speak about the essence of being perfectly imperfect. So, truth be told, If I’m preaching this to the moms, why not get the similar message across to the kids too.

As usual, I came up with the title of the book first. Wrote the short book, which literally took me a day. Got an illustrator to work on the pretty pictures. And BOOM. I’ve got my second book done.... “Perfectly, IMPERFECT ME”

Its a short book that gives kids a unique and relatable perspective of what they experience, with a slogan that I hope will become the mantra that we remind our kids. That is :

“Be kind and have courage when things are tough. Life is a journey and you are enough!”

Honestly, this is not about making money, its not a business strategy, its just something I truly believe in. I hope this book helps kids realise that ‘its really ok’ and that ‘being ok is wonderful’.

You can find the ebook on the kindle store. Alternative you can email me directly for a hard copy.

And as any good story ends:

The End. Now go forth and be happy.


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