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Picture perfuck’d

My debut novel. The synopsis.

Now in my thirties, a mum and wife, I don’t have time to worry about whether I’m doing life right or not. The reality is that I know, as a matter of fact, that my one and only precious life is moving at a pace that makes me a little uncomfortable to be honest. And if I want to do something grand and brag-worthy, I better do it before 5:00 pm because daycare is strict about pickup time.

Truth be told, while we often overthink the things that don’t generally require a second thought – we all know (deep down, of course) – that life is going to twist our nipples sometimes. We’re going to experience moments of indescribable pain and moments of uncontainable love, possibly all at the same time. (Child birth suddenly springs to mind like a rerun of a ’90s’ sitcom. The one where she thinks she may die but has never experienced love like this before.)

None of us really know what we are doing. Sometimes we fail. Other times we do just fine. However, it is guaranteed that we are all just winging it, whether you believe you need to keep up with the Kardashians or keep up with baker’s day and Karen at school. This book is here for women who need a subtle reminder that they are doing good and that shit happens to everyone – even Karen.

Disclaimer: This book is not

1. a pity party collection of bummer stories,

2. a comparison as to who’s got it better, or worse,

3. a ‘how-to’ guide on living your best life.

In fact, it is a story of how we all come together and appear to live picture-perfect lives. It’s a slight unveiling of the truth behind the perfect red lip and the limited edition designer handbags.

This book is intended for women who don’t have the time to read but need some comfort in knowing what they hope to be true.

That this is life.

And it’s normal not to be okay.

With love (and a few slugs of chardonnay),



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