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The Great Baby Voice Heist: When Your Little One Goes from 'Coo' to 'Cool'

In a world where everyone seems to be in a rush to grow up, there's something enchanting about holding onto the sweet, innocent, and utterly adorable voices of our kiddiewinks. These tiny human beings may not be able to converse on politics or the meaning of life, but their little cutiepie voices have a magic all their own.

Here is my breakdown of .... the journey:

The Goo-Goo Chronicles

Let's start with the undeniable cuteness of those baby voices. You know the ones - the coos, gurgles, and goo-goos that melt hearts faster than a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day. The moment a baby lets out a goo-goo, the entire room falls silent, captured by its sheer adorableness. You can't help but mimic those sounds back, creating a dialogue that is as charming as it is incoherent. I’m an expert in baby talking by the way.

The Linguistic Conundrum

Next up is the stage where your child seems to be saying real words, but it's anyone's guess what they mean. "Cookie" sounds suspiciously like "Gookie," and "Dada" is mistaken for "Nana." You find yourself playing the role of a detective, deciphering your child's lexicon as if you've been handed a cryptic manuscript.

The 'Attitude' Era

As your little one becomes not-so-little, you'll notice a new development – attitude. Suddenly, your once angelic cherub can unleash an eye-roll that could rival a teenager. "Why do I need a nap, mom?" they exclaim, their tiny voice laced with rebellion, as they adamantly refuse to doze off.

The Kids' Slang Spectacle

The next act in this comedic saga involves your child picking up the latest slang from school, rendering them nearly incomprehensible. You're left scratching your head as they rattle off words like "sus” mid conversation whilst you are left unsure how the time came when your BABY is now using slag words in generally grown human conversation. Not only do you feel your tummy churn when one of the slangs is something you dont understand. (Yes, because you are still cool and 1993 was at most 20 years ago). But at the same time you want to snuggle this munchkin up and ask her if you should change her diaper.

Like WTF (for using a slag, that is quite universally still cool).

The Grand Finale: Embrace the Chaos

So, what's a parent to do in the face of this linguistic whirlwind? Well, it's all part of the grand journey of parenthood! Embrace the chaos, enjoy the hilarity, and remember that each stage is a testament to your child's growth and development.

Sure, the baby voice might be gone or heading on its way out, but it's replaced with a fantastic, ever-evolving journey of laughter, confusion, and surprise. It's like watching a live comedy show starring your very own little stand-up comedian.

Truth is, this topic had us diving headfirst into a reminder that's as bittersweet as a chocolate-covered pickle – Life’s too short.. and god damn I’m gonna miss this time. In a world that often moves too fast, it's important to slow down and cherish the moments of innocence and joy. So, let's hold onto those little voices - after all, it's a reminder that sometimes, the simplest things in life are the sweetest, and there's magic in the everyday conversations about “Roara’s Lello Dress”.


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