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The harsh reality of girl power

Presumed reality : “you go girl… we will support you all the way.. #girlpower

Harsh Reality: ….....

Now, I know this post with hit hard to my fellow entrepreneurs who live to hustle and appreciate the challenges that come with being business women.

I also know, that this post will emit a small amount of guilt in most other women. Purely because the exact flow of conversation vs action is very familiar in their real life exchanges.

Simply put : sometimes you dont support those you say you will.

Now dont get me wrong. I can totally appreciate that generally we all want each other to succeed (for the most part) and naturally we also get so wrapped up in our own lives that to have it deemed somewhat unsupportive, is considered unfair. Especially when you have to get the roast in the oven before 5pm.

I hear you!!

It is also has to be noted that everyone has their own ways of showing support.

However can we truly say, we are happy for one another? From the bottom of our hearts, do we wish each other the very best we always claim to?

At what point when scrolling through your instagram feed do you see a success story or a cool something a fellow female friend has shared.

And simply decide :

‘oh, ok … not gonna double tap on that’

How many times have you had the opportunity to ever so slightly show support of your peers - but have consciously decided not to? In the very moment that allowed you an opportunity (albeit small) to show some support.

Do women consciously and subconsciously decide not to uplift their peers. And if so, why do women judge each other (and themselves) based on their own perceptions of perfectionism?

These are hard questions. And truth be told, I don’t have the answers.

However my very generalised thoughts on this matter can be put as:

  1. I believe as women - we are competitive beings.

  2. We like to keep up appearances.

Whilst we can probably agree with the generalisation of the above two points. And for the most part acknowledge the personal truth in them. The real issue is how do we overcome that and more authentically show our support for one another?

Perhaps its got to do with first being happy with ourselves. Being content in our own lives and if we aspire for more - to do so with admiration and most importantly ...action.

Perhaps we need to realise that we are not up against one another. There are an infinte number of success stories just waiting to be actioned.

Waiting to be shared.

Perhaps its time to remember that the world needs that special gift - that only you have.

Perhaps we need to be reminded that someone else’s success is not your failure. But rather its an opportunity to consider your own dreams and desires and to : go get ‘em.

Perhaps its time we consider this notion of Girl Power a bit more.


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