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The Heebie’s

I’m not entirely sure if this is a commonly known phrase. But ‘heebie jeebie’ is a reference to something or someone, that gives you the ‘Krills’. Another phrase as a reference to bad vibes.

Now, please dont get me wrong. Im not generally ‘quick to judge’ and most of the time I can differentiate between awkwardness vs negativity vs introverted tendencies.

I can also totally appreciate the concept of ’having a bad day’ and ‘lacking social skills’. However I do know that there are some instances where I am genuinely krilled out.

The fact is, that in life, you wont get along with everyone you meet. And the other fact is, that you dont always gel with people you do meet.

Whilst this post is really around the feeling of said heebie geebies and dealing with it. There are some golden threads from my previous post about Oversharing, you may be interested in reading.

So, I find that whilst I personally have the experience of dealing with someone who just doesn’t give me the best vibes. It must be noted that, I never plan to meet up with said person, however my karma and possible fear of running into said person - has it so that we tend to run-in to each other every so often.

It is not ideal.

I’m all for trusting my gut-feeling, and any negative energies someone may be exuding. After some reading, it turns out that these ‘vibes’ are actually legitimately & scientifically valid.

These energies are not just what we want to feel, but are ultimately created from our sub-consious and unconscious feelings. Which often are reflected in our attitudes or body language. Sometimes (perhaps more often that not), our inner-feelings are so deep that we are not even aware of them and as such these feelings affect the energy we are exuding.

It was many years ago when I was first introduced to the concept of vibrating at various frequencies. It was around the time that reach vs frequency became a daily conversation point in my advertising career.

I digress.

As I was saying, most people operate on a spectrum of different vibes, moods and emotions. So when we say ‘vibrating at a higher frequency’, we mean that you mostly have positive motivations and therefore a feeling of positiveness.

On the contrary, when someone is vibrating at a lower frequency, they possess seemingly ’off’ traits and characteristics.

Turns out those who are in-tune with their vibrations and energy are most likely to pick up on the frequency and energy from those who are not, very quickly.

Therefore when ’they’ say to ‘trust your gut’, its scientifically proven to trust your instinct and trust the vibes. Because my friends, energy does not lie.


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