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If this caption has intrigued you enough to click through, then I can confidently say “thank goodness I’m not alone”.

What I believe to be a post pandemic shift in modern day mindsets, women are expected to do more than we have ever done before. The phrase ‘times have changed’, has done a flip back into the 1950’s where we are expected to be the ever undervalued housewife, corporate executive, mother, class mom, social gathering organiser and aupair.

Not only is it expected, but its going unacknowledged for the most part.

I was recently asked “What are you doing with yourself these days?”

This really impacted my understanding of peoples perception of me.

Perhaps its because I’m at school every morning, every afternoon, at every social gathering, parent evening and event on the ever growing school calendar.

I immediately felt like a giant spotlight was put on me in a dark theatre. It felt like I had 100 eyeballs on me waiting for the explanation of my existence. Because I dont go to school, I dont have to go into a physical office setting. I’m ... what they call... ‘at home’.

GOSH, I thought.

Quick, Alisha, think fast.

I proceeded to list on my fingers all the things I had done that day. With the pressure of being on a game show. Having a time limit and having to list 50 states in under 50 seconds.

  1. Well I had to send off some SMOOCH stuff

  2. I had to redo aspects of my website

  3. I went to get some posters printed and laminated for the factory

  4. I had to get new ballet slippers for my youngest daughter as she had another complaint about the comfort levels of the current 4 pairs she has.

  5. I had to RSVP to 3 kids parties coming up all on the same weekend. Then consider the presents for each.

  6. My hubby had said he was trying to eat less red meat, on the day I thought of roasting a lamb. So now I had to go back to the stores to ponder up another hearty dinner that would appease everyone. With greens, but no broccoli, peas or brussels sprouts.

  7. I had a customer complain about a late delivery. Which resulted in me having to conjure up a discount coupon to manage my client relations and ensure I maintain a single handed customer centric approach to brand love.

  8. Then I picked my youngest up from school, and dealt with all that goes with that. After school snacks, conversations about the day, snuggle time etc.

  9. Rush to go pick up my eldest from school and repeat point 8.

  10. And thus far, I had responded to just about 150 call-outs for “mom”.

Now here I am at 3pm. With a full four more hours ahead of my day before the wondrous bedtime.

So actually, just an average day. Had this post inspired me on a busy day, that list would be a lot longer.

As I consider my thoughts on the matter, a sense of guilt sweeps over me.

Am I complaining about my loving family and incredible life?

Coz truth be told, I am blessed that I get to be there for my children and I get to do the work I truly LOVE.

Then the reality fairy slaps the guilt out of me. Because I’m not ungrateful.

I just want my efforts to be acknowledged as important.

I want society to acknowledge that being ‘at home’ doesn’t mean we are sitting on our asses, twiddling our thumbs and watching tiktok videos all day.

There is so much that goes into our day to day lives. So much more than ever before.

I think its important to be reminded of this.

To be reminded that you are not alone.

To be reminded that your efforts are acknowledged.

To be reminded that you are valued.

To be reminded that occasionally, its ok, not to be ok.

To be reminded that wine helps.

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Rebecca Badrodin
Rebecca Badrodin
12 apr. 2023

You've touched on some great points here my friend. It is basically almost a "privilege" to be able to work from home these days, but at the same time, that comes with expectations to "run a flawless household". I am grateful for the flexibility, don't get me wrong, but I also wonder, who do I want the acknowledgement from? I have HUGE guilt over not being the next "Head of" department, or Manager for the "MENA" region in my corporate job, I see my old colleagues climb and I think "why cant that be me?", but then I look at my flexibility in the day, to fetch the kids, to take them to soccer and ballet, to watch their matches…


07 apr. 2023

Well said Alisha. 1950s meet the new 2020s holistic woman


Onbekend lid
07 apr. 2023

Stunning piece. So relevant

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