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The power of passive aggressivE notes

The polite way of saying “carry on and see what will happen”.

I’ve read a bit on passive agressive behaviours and whilst most journals refer to examples referencing inhabiting some sort of communal space. For the sake of this blog and my readers, I believe the below reference resonates more.


The OGs of passive aggressive tendencies.

Ok ok.. before you think this is a bashing session on MILs - its not. (We will save that for another time).

Its really about the impact passive aggressive behaviours have on us.

I am the type that sits and festers of any direct passive aggressive consequence. Questioning every possible explanation for said consequence.

Ultimately driving my anxiety up the wall and inevitably ends up with me being highly on edge for the rest of the day. Needless to say how that sort of behaviour impacts those around me. (Sorry love!)

Whats PA behaviour? Basically its disguising negative comments with a friendly, smily delivery. Some PAPs are able to appear friendly and warm, but it is only when you finish a conversation with them, that you realise what they’ve said isn’t warm but actually really nasty. Ahh!

Whats even worse (nowadays) is that said behaviours are time capsuled on whatsapp messages. Just for us overthinking types - to go back and ruminate on the exact words said.

So for the sake of sakes, i’ve pulled together some funny PA notes just to remind us that - “It happens to everyone. We are all human. And its ok, that its not ok” - inserting a non PA smiley 🙂


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