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The power of the wink.

Like the old saying goes, ’moments can pass you by, in the blink of an eye’. Well, whilst on the same train of thought, the same applies for ‘the wink of an eye’.

Indulge me, wont you..

The simple action of closing one eye in a particular direction will for the sake of this article, be referred to as ‘the wink’. Not just wink. But ‘the wink’.

So as I was saying, the wink has well made its presence known in the flirtatious connotation. Its probably animatedly perceived 90% of the time (thanks to general pop culture) as a flirtatious means to an end.

However there are other associated connotations that are under valued, under recognised and mostly just passes by situations without much of a thought of what the impact of such an act has actually resulted in.

Its somewhat fitting that the once sexy and suave country singer, Garth brooks said ‘just keep taking chances and having fun’. Because of three reasons:

  1. Hes obviously an entertainer which iludes to the fun aspect - triggering the playful mindset.

  2. Taking chances is really a small window where one has the opportunity to decide to embrace a risk or not.

  3. He was a winker.

The power of such an act is about taking a leap of faith by simply and simultaneously closing one eye and evoking a subtle smile. Its about not missing out on life changing opportunities that can present itself in a .... (wait for it)....

wink of an eye.

Had you noticed the wink the traffic cop had given you to indicate his lax intention to submit any fine upon you? OR had you ignored it and proceeded with your Karen tendencies and resulted in paying a hefty fine?

Had you ignored that split second eye contact from the cute doctor at the hospital, instead of engaging in an acknowledging eye flirt back? Could that moment have resulted in you perhaps being the wife of a successful doctor today?

Had you realised a minute into a MAJOR presentation to the board that you were on the right track when the CEO gives you a friendly ”yes I’m happy with your thinking” wink? OR had you almost peed yourself from your incessantly aggressive nervous.

Imagnie, just that second of comfort from the CEO would have immediately taken the pressure off, which would have in turn boosted your confidence levels and as such resulted in you igniting your shit hot presentation mode, that you had practiced in the shower.

Ultimately these sort of scenarios make the simple act of the wink, a remarkable secret tool that two people can share for a just a second. Its a window that presents itself, that can lead to an entirely different experience.

IF, you just take the chance.

Its only fitting that I close this post with one of my favourite quotes of all time.

Another xennial classic. #IYKYK

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller


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