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why Moms Look FAB AF in Autumn.

Tis the season Ladies... Tis the absolute season to embrace those love handles and post c-section bellies.

Why you ask?

Because Moms. This is the only time of year that we can legitimately OWN that uniform we have been making excuses for during the rest of the year.

Its the only time, leggings and oversized jumpers look like you actually have your shit together.

Its when your lack of time to explore your wardrobe further than the first pile of recently washed wear, results in you being somewhat together and believe it or not. ON TREND.

Hey, if instagram says so, who are we to argue

Yes my friends, Autumn is here and everything is gonna be ok. Particularly for the following fashion staples:


“Hi, my name is Alisha and I own 50 pairs of leggings.”

Often the simplest item in our wardrobes, Leggings these days seem to have a connotation of being ‘lazy’. Oh how irony loves to play tricks.

Not only is this staple a MUST have. But it is totally embraced over autumn days. So wear them with pride my fellow moms. But please make sure they fit, they aren’t see-through and for the love of god, stay away from patterns.


I for one, LOVE sweatshirt season.

Am I wearing what I went to bed in? Who cares. Am I wearing a bra? Who knows. Is baggy, sexy? Hell yes!

Now considering what we have reinforced thus far in this post. Can you just imagine the ease and trend based grace one can exude with just lazy leggings and an over-sized jumper.

It takes lazy and over-sized to planned and trendy.

The only other time the following phrase means something positive: “The bigger the better”


Not only do boots vary in style and type, but they offer a fabulous camouflage to the lack of bi-weekly pedicures.

Whether you are stepping our in knee high heels or Uggs - Boots play a lead part in the seasonal showcase.

Oh and they work perfectly with your lazy leggings.

MESSY HAIR, Oh how we care!

Autumn welcomes messy buns and strays as intentional attempts at stylish looks. Yes moms, leaving the house with a messy bun is actually encouraged. These are the days where the perfect bun is shunned. Its to the contrary my friend - you rather pull out a few pieces of hair, tease some up and fully embrace the look.

Whats better, try going to bed the night before with a neat bun - waking up and not doing much to the look, other than straightening it up (should you need to).

Somehow a messy hair look in autumn, is.... wait for it.... sexy.

So the next time you worry about your mom uniform appearing shabby, just remember, this is the only time of year that said uniform can be passed off as your on-point style, choice for the day.


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