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Women supporting women - how much of “a thing” is it?

Women supporting women.. it’s a funny thing isn’t it?

On the one hand, we are dead set on women’s rights, girl power and women in business.

However on the other hand, we can talk behind each other’s backs, we pretend to support, we pretend to be friends, we pretend to be happy for our peers.

Its a sad cycle, that may actually be cancelling each other out.

The societal pressure to be perfect is further enhanced with the self criticisms that are really just the fundamental basics of living life. We look to each other with immediate comparison, admiration and inspiration to yet again, aim to be perfect.

In personal experiences, it becomes particularly painful when those who are considered amazing people in our lives fail to support us, the way they claim they would do. It begs the question: why does it matter so much? Why do we care about what others think, or whether they mean what they say? Why does it... hurt?

Simply put, It's like finding out your favorite coffee shop has run out of pumpkin spice lattes – horror!

Perhaps it's inherent human nature to feel this way. However I believe we care about what people think because deep down, we want validation and recognition for our hard work.

Its the stronger personalities that can read this and shrug with a ‘that doesn’t bother me’ thought.

I admire you.

I think under general conditions, I like to believe that I’m ok with not giving two toots about what others think. Its when the support towards others, combined with the glaringly obvious lack of support towards myself is rubbed in my face, that makes me question why I fall short of that luxury.

*Husband appreciation* Whenever my hubby see’s me doubting my worth even in the slightest. He reminds me that I’m all that matters. He reminds me that I’m self inflicting this pressure that’s all consuming. He reminds me of who I am.

And, who is that?

A F*cking Strong Woman.

Supporting women should not be an act of pretense or competition but rather a genuine desire to uplift one another. It's time to break free from societal pressures and embrace our inner badassery, and remind ourselves that we are strong mother f*cking women who can conquer anything. Let us celebrate each other's successes instead of feeling threatened by them. Together, we can create a supportive and empowering environment where every woman can thrive.

Whether you're rocking a power suit or leggings, remember that you are all that matters. So go forth and slay, you incredible woman, you! And if anyone tries to bring you down (consciously or sub-consciously), just smile and say "I didn't wake up today to be mediocre."


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